Sharon Osbourne has bravely opened up about her perplexing health journey following her cessation of Ozempic. See details.

Sharon Osbourne has bravely opened up about her perplexing health journey following her cessation of Ozempic, a drug initially utilized for diabetes management but noted for its weight loss properties. 

At 71, Sharon’s struggle to regain weight after dropping 42 pounds has left even medical professionals stumped, a mystery she candidly discussed in a revealing interview with Woman Magazine. 

“The doctors can’t figure it out,” she shared, reflecting on her situation with a mixture of frustration and bewilderment. Sharon speculated on the reasons behind her sustained weight loss, suggesting, “But I think it’s just because I’m getting older and as you get older you lose weight anyway and shrink and shrivel off.”

Her experience with Ozempic began in December 2022, but by November 2023, Sharon disclosed to the Mail On Sunday that she had stopped taking the medication. 

Sharon Osbourne in a white suit© Getty
Sharon Osbourne could have non-surgical procedures to maintain her looks

Reflecting on her decision to undergo gastric band surgery in 1999, she admitted to challenges in managing her eating habits, “I used to ‘eat around it’, admitting to consuming two pints of ice cream every day.”

The allure of Ozempic was strong for Sharon, who noted its popularity as a factor in her decision to try it, “everyone was doing it.” 

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Sharon Osbourne has said no more surgery

Contrary to some expectations that users might quickly regain weight, Sharon’s continued weight loss has defied these outcomes. 

“Ozempic works by suppressing hunger hormones, leaving users feeling fuller for longer,” she explained, highlighting the drug’s typical effects which somehow didn’t translate to a quick weight rebound for her.

Sharon Osbourne reacts as husband Ozzy performs during half-time of the NFL game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills at SoFi Stadium on September 08, 2022 in Inglewood, California© Getty
Sharon Osbourne says she can’t put the weight back on

Sharon’s return to the public eye on Celebrity Big Brother provided a platform for her to discuss her weight loss journey openly with Coronation Street actor Colson Smith, who himself had lost 10 stone. 

During their conversation, Sharon spoke passionately about the difficulty of weight loss, “Losing weight is a ‘killer'”, she said, aiming to enlighten those who haven’t faced such battles, “People who don’t need to lose weight have ‘no idea what it’s like.'”

Sharon Osbourne with her family© Talk TV
Sharon Osbourne with her family

In her quest to regain a healthier weight, Sharon expressed a specific goal in January, “I want to ‘put back on another 10lbs’ after my weight loss,” she told audiences, highlighting her concern over becoming ‘too gaunt’. 

Her appearance on Loose Women was another opportunity for Sharon to voice her challenges post-Ozempic, “The injections that I was on worked and just seems now I can’t put anything on,” she revealed, articulating a common desire for immediate results that now evades her, “Everything on weight with me was like ‘I want it now’.”

Sharon also took time to reminisce about filming The Osbournes, drawing parallels with the Kardashians and sharing insights into her family’s life on camera.

 “It was very organic because nothing was planned. We filmed 24 hours and there were two different film crews,” she recounted.  

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