Reba McEntire responds to rumours she’s selling weight loss gummies

Reba McEntire has hit out at “clickbait” rumours suggesting she’s selling weight loss gummies.

In a post shared to X, formerly Twitter, the 68-year-old country singer addressed reports she’s leaving NBC’s The Voice. “Please do not click on any articles that say I am leaving The Voice. This is not true,” McEntire began her post. The Reba star joined the popular singing competition as a coach in May 2023.

“These are fake websites to lure people in with clickbait where they claim I have a company to sell weight loss gummy products,” she continued, before acknowledging the fake posts that she’s selling weight loss products. “This is false. I do not sell or promote any type of gummy product,” McEntire said.

The “Does He Love You” singer was previously at the centre of a fake advertisement in 2022, when scammers had created ads on Facebook that falsely claimed the country music star was associated with Natures One CBD Gummies and other keto gummy products.

According to Snopes, the misleading ads claimed to reveal some sad news about McEntire. They led users to articles that resembled and other digital news outlets, making it appear as if McEntire was promoting the CBD and keto gummies products.

McEntire isn’t the only celebrity to call out false ads using her likeness to peddle weight loss gummies. In October 2022, Oprah Winfrey urged her fans not to purchase products using her name and image. “And so it happened to me again today,” she began the Instagram video. “A woman came up to me and said: ‘Can you help me get your weight loss gummies?’ And I said: ‘Ma’am, I don’t have anything to do with weight loss gummies.’”

Winfrey said that she was compelled to address the weight loss scam after she was approached about the gummies five times in one week. “Somebody’s out there misusing my name, even sending emails to people advertising weight loss gummies,” she added.

“I have nothing to do with weight loss gummies or diet pills and I don’t want you all taken advantage of by people misusing my name. So please know, I have no weight loss gummies,” Winfrey stressed.

She captioned her video with a warning to her followers, explaining that she hasn’t endorsed any weight loss supplement being advertised online.

“Fraud alert!” Winfrey wrote. “Please don’t buy any weight loss gummies with my picture or name on them. There have been social media ads, emails, and fake websites going out and I want you to hear it straight from me, that I have nothing to do with them. Please don’t be taken advantage of and don’t give your personal information to them.”

Despite having no connection to the weight loss gummies, McEntire has previously revealed exactly how she stays fit and healthy. “In the early ‘90s, I was on Fit for Life. That’s the slimmest I ever was,” the country singer told People in 2020. According to McEntire, the diet plan calls for cutting out sugar and “don’t mix your carbs and protein”.

“Instead of having potatoes and steak, just have steak and vegetables. If you’re going to have carbs, then have our carbs with vegetables,” she said at the time.

While McEntire doesn’t follow the strict diet these days, she maintained that “portion control works best for me now”.

“I do like to go on vacations and that’s when I really splurge,” she added. “I love Mexican food – chips, salsa and guacamole. And then chicken enchiladas and a really neat dessert. That’s my cheat day.”


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